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Lonnie Makes Things Happen

In only a few short years, state Representative Lonnie Reed of Branford is among the most respected legislative leaders in Hartford. In addition to co-chairing one of the General Assembly's toughest committees, the Energy & Technology Committee, Reed also co-chairs the Bipartisan Long Island Sound Caucus, the Bipartisan Life Sciences Caucus, and is a member of the Manufacturers Caucus.

Nationally, Reed has received the prestigious Toll Fellow Award from the Conference of State Governments as one of the nation's most outstanding legislators.

Reed's ability to bring together effective coalitions of members from both sides of the aisle has resulted in bipartisan support for a host of critical new laws.

Reed has led the negotiations and key debates on a wide variety of laws that include banning the use of the endocrine disruptor BPA in baby bottles, water bottles and other consumer products; giving towns more say in how and where cell towers are sited; outlawing disreputable electric retailers who fleece consumers; preventing the deposit of fracking waste in Connecticut; prohibiting unscrupulous financial advisors from masquerading as Senior Certified in order to prey on Senior Citizen investors; and countless other new laws designed to protect consumers, promote business, safeguard the environment and public health and help Connecticut compete in national and global markets.

Representative Lonnie Reed demonstrates real leadership and real results.