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About Lonnie

Lonnie Reed grew up in Connecticut and she and her family have owned a home in Branford for more than thirty years. Lonnie's career in government, investigative journalism and filmmaking has taken her to Washington, D.C. and New York City. Lonnie now lives in Branford full-time.

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  • Early in her career, Lonnie served in Washington, D.C. as a Legislative Aide to the U.S. Senate Energy Committee Chaired by Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson. The experience reinforced Lonnie's lasting commitment to examining energy issues and their impact on people, the environment and foreign policy.


  • Lonnie has worked as an award winning newspaper journalist, television news correspondent, and anchor for television stations including WFSB, Hartford and WNEW, NY. She has been a White House correspondent; hosted Off the Set, a political talk show in NY; won awards for her investigative reports on corruption and for her for coverage of criminal trials, education, politics and government and also for exposing fatal flaws in the NY foster care system and the juvenile justice system.

  • Lonnie has covered United Nations sessions and events, drug war homicides, child abuse and domestic violence crimes and energy issues and accidents, including the Three Mile Island Nuclear power plant calamity that resulted in a partial meltdown of the core and a frantic evacuation of the surrounding community


  • While at Channel Three in Hartford, Reed's investigative report on a private boarding school that abused its students resulted in the immediate rescue of helpless children and motivated the Connecticut General Assembly to pass new legislation strengthening State oversight of private schools. Her exclusive report also earned Lonnie an Investigative Reporting Emmy.


  • A small business owner, Lonnie heads LRP, Inc., her own filmmaking and television production company.

  • Lonnie's work has received Four Emmy Awards and several film festival prizes. Productions include the award-winning documentary, Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story.

  • Lonnie has written, produced and/or directed projects for television networks such as NBC, TNT, The History Channel, and A&E.