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What Folks Are Saying…

Ali Abulugma   Milton Wallack

“Lonnie fights non-stop for her constituents. She is a real supporter and friend to us first responders. When you need her, she’s there." 

Adam Hansen, Firefighter
and Branford Resident



“Lonnie knows what it takes to keep Branford on the forefront of economic development. And she knows the arts are an essential ingredient. Lonnie has worked tirelessly in Hartford to support initiatives and programs that enrich our town’s historic cultural character and to create new opportunities for aspiring artists and innovators. We can count on Lonnie.”

Greg Nobile, Arts Activist and
Tony Award Winning Producer


“Lonnie has been working with Voices for Branford Seniors to achieve a senior center that truly meets our needs. She also fought successfully to rescue the senior center’s lunch program when it was under threat of being shut down by a state agency. Lonnie knows how to solve problems in a nonpartisan way and works well with everyone regardless of their political party.”

Dorothy Ricker, Florence West, Helen Laird, Helen Kelsey, Founders, Voices for Branford Seniors


“Veterans can count on Lonnie. She enthusiastically supports programs for veterans, and fights to help them find housing and jobs, and to overcome the challenges they encounter.”

Jeff Buggee and Ed Ochman, Founders,
Take a Veteran Fishing


“CL&P’s request for a rate increase is deplorable. Families and seniors cannot afford it. Lonnie is battling against the rate hike. And she led passage of the new law to punish dishonest electric retailers. Lonnie has the know-how and the guts to fight for the people. She truly cares. ”

Maria Smith and Mel Shlank,
Branford Residents

Ali Abulugma     Milton Wallack

Lonnie Reed has helped the citizens of Branford is so many ways. She has brought new business to our town. She listened to the concerns of the people of Short Beach regarding the placement of a cell tower. On a more personal level, Lonnie assisted me in bringing my brother to visit me after not seeing him in 35 years. I went to her for help, she contacted Senator Blumenthal with the necessary information. Senator Blumenthal gave this information to the American Embassy and my brother was issued an immediate visa. You can imagine my joy when I picked him up at Kennedy Airport.

Ali Abulugma

Earned 100% Perfect Score from CT League of Conservation Voters

During this election season, it is gratifying to have a candidate such as Lonnie Reed who supports very important and visionary projects. As a co-member with Lonnie on the governor’s Life Science Advisory Group, I am continually impressed by her intelligence, passion and commitment to biomedical research and the life sciences. She is strongly motivated because she realizes that this effort will lead to the treatment of many debilitating diseases. She is also driven by her awareness that this work will lead to significant job growth and thus to the enhancement of our state’s economy. 

Milton Wallack, D.D.S.
Member, Connecticut Life Science Advisory Group


“Rep. Lonnie Reed has been enormously supportive throughout the whole process of recruiting Durata to our state and fighting for business friendly incentives that helped persuade Durata to move to Branford, bringing 80 substantial jobs and tremendous potential for growth.”

Joseph Canavan, Branford businessman and owner of 322 East Main, new home of Durata Therapeutics, Inc. 




“In appreciation of your effective leadership and support of the recreational boating sector and for outstanding service to the people of the State of Connecticut. “

Marine Trades Association


“You have consistently proven yourself to be an ally of children, teachers and public education. The citizens of Connecticut will be fortunate to have you continue serving in the legislature.”

Connecticut Education Association (CEA)


This upcoming legislative session, legislators are urged to focus on making Connecticut a better place for business – in order to accelerate economic growth, create more opportunities for good, well-paying jobs, and maintain Connecticut’s great quality of life. "Making Connecticut a better place to do business benefits everyone," said Joe Brennan, CBIA executive vice president. "Lonnie Reed can make the decisions needed to move our economy forward.”

Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA)


“On behalf of our 8,000 members, the Sierra Club-CT Chapter is pleased to endorse your candidacy. Our decision is based on your obvious record of commitment to environmental issues and your strong record of environmental support in the legislature.”

Sierra Club


"Lonnie is a champion of small business owners like me. When she heard I might have to lay off four of my workers due a paperwork slowdown in Hartford, she jumped into action. Lonnie pushed the agency to fast track the process and save those jobs. As a small business owner herself, Lonnie understands our frustrations and needs. Lonnie fights for us and gets results."

Chris Lenda, President of Aegis Solar and Electric


"When I started the Branford Community Gardens in 2009, Lonnie helped me secure critical funding through grants. Today, we are proud to provide fresh, healthy produce to the Community Dining Room. Lonnie is just what you want in a representative: a hands-on,
get-it-done advocate."

Connie Drysdale,
Branford Community Gardens


"Lonnie Reed has proven to be a strong voice for those children and families who have a difficult time being heard. She advocates for children with special needs with compassion and conviction. Lonnie has the intelligence, clarity and strength we need in Hartford."

Tacie Lowe, Director of Program for Autistic Children and Their Families


"Lonnie was instrumental in saving my job. She helped defeat a bill that would have made it impossible for me, and others like me, to continue working as solar installers. Lonnie knows renewable energies generate jobs. I am proud and thankful she is my state representative."

Tommy Cleveland


"Lonnie heard our fears that a salt-water fishing license could destroy our program for disabled veterans. She helped craft a new law to rescue us. Lonnie keeps her word. We are lucky to have such a dedicated person representing us in Hartford."

Jeff Buggee, Take A Vet Fishing


"Lonnie Reed helps us seniors all the time. So many people call her with problems-like not being able to afford their medications or heat for their homes. And Lonnie helps find solutions. She knows we seniors are having a hard time in this scary economy. Lonnie truly cares about us and she gets results. We need to send her back to Hartford to fight for us."

Lucy Bello, Hair Stylist, Retired


"Lonnie is a welcome volunteer at our Take a Vet Fishing activities. She spends hours talking to disabled veterans one-on-one, sharing her kindness and compassion and listening to their stories and their concerns. And she is always eager to help. Way to go Lonnie!"

Ed Ochman, Take a Vet Fishing


"Lonnie has always been a strong leader on environmental protection and safety. She founded and co-chairs the Long Island Sound Caucus, a bi-state, bipartisan group of legislators organized to protect the Sound and its coastal resources, natural and human. She helped lead the efforts that created a mercury thermostat recycling program and banned the sale of BPA-containing baby bottles and food containers. As Vice-Chair of the Energy and Technology Committee, she is fighting to make Connecticut's energy cleaner and more affordable. We can count on Lonnie to continue bringing her solid commitment, energy and skill to the job of protecting Branford’s environment and residents."

Bill Horne

(photo by Chad Roy)


"Lonnie is a tireless advocate for seniors. She wrote a new law to protect seniors from dishonest financial advisors. She fought to strengthen the Home Health Care program to help seniors stay safely in their homes. Even AARP has honored her work with an award."

Tootsie Laske


"When the history is written of Broadwater's defeat, it will record that Branford played a crucial role in protecting Long Island Sound. And Lonnie Reed is certainly part of that story."

U.S Senator Richard Blumenthal

(photo by Chad Roy)


 "As Chair of the RTM Education Committee and bow as our State Representative, Lonnie has been outstanding and her commitment to excellence runs deep. She never grandstands. And she works hard to meet the needs and protect the interests of the kids, the parents, the teachers and the taxpayers."

Fran Walsh, former Branford Selectman and Principal, Walsh Middle School


 "I worked with Lonnie on the RTM for several years and she's someone you can count on for leadership. She's knowledgeable about all kinds of issues-education, the environment, budgets. She works well with everyone and has no hidden agendas. She forms objective opinions, makes persuasive arguments and always does what's best for the people."

Anthony Giardiello, RTM Majority Leader 2007-2012

(photo by Chad Roy)


"Lonnie Reed is a proven leader and I am proud to support her re-election to the Connecticut General Assembly. I have had the opportunity to work with Lonnie Reed on many big challenges since we teamed up to defeat the Broadwater LNG barge that threatened Long Island Sound. Her desire to serve Branford came from her advocacy work on behalf of the Town and its residents." 

US Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro

(photo by Chad Roy)




"Lonnie is an absolute standout and we work really well together on the issues that matter to our constituents. We're a great team."

CT Representative Pat Widlitz, 98th District

(photo by Chad Roy)


"Lonnie is so adept at working across party lines. Politics is not the issue with Lonnie. It's getting results. And despite her impressive credentials, there's no ego involved. She's very generous and easy to work with."

Judith Burke, longtime Branford resident

(photo by Chad Roy)


"Lonnie is what the State of Connecticut needs. Not just Branford. She goes up there and does the people's business. She's proven she's not afraid to tackle big problems. She's a fighter. She knows how to get the grassroots involved. She's very articulate; she gets to the point; She gets the job done."

Anthony "Unk" DaRos, Branford First Selectman


"Lonnie thinks strategically and is enormously effective in articulating her visions. And working with Lonnie is always fun."

Felise Cressman, Environmental Activist and Co-Founder of Hands Across Our Pond


"I met Lonnie Reed at one of the earliest rallies here on Long Island when the issue first arose. We became reference points for one another. Lonnie invited us to rallies in Branford and it soon became obvious that New York and CT could battle Broadwater together."

Sid Bail of Wading River, Long Island, and Head of the Long Island Anti-Broadwater Alliance




“Lonnie has proven herself to be a tremendously effective leader who knows how to get things done for her constituents, her district and her state. She is a smart, dedicated and hardworking public servant."

Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman